Commencement Date:       8 SEPTEMBER, 2017
Day and Time: FRIDAY       9.30am–12.30pm
Class Size:                         MIN: 5 MAX: 40
Course Duration:                6 WEEKS
Venue:                                PATON PARK, ALLISON ROAD, NORTH MOTTON
Tutor:                                 KATHRINE BAYLES

Outline of Course
At PatonPark there are a large number of facilities and opportunities for activities such as bird watching and bush walking. We will also use the park’s facilities to teach some of the basics of scouting, including mapping, bush walking, knots and camp fire cooking. There could also be an opportunity for abseiling, which would be an extra cost per person for the upkeep of the equipment.

Upon the commencement of the course we will finalize the program with the attendees

Items required for Course
*There will be a small hall hire fee depending on number of participants. ($20 per day for hall)
Cold drink
Warm clothing
Camera (optional)
Sturdy walking shoes