RETIREMENT AS A VOCATION Shaping meaningful directions for your third age

Commencement Date:   8 NOVEMBER 2017
Day and Time:                WEDNESDAY  10.00am–12.30pm
Class Size:                      MIN:  6   MAX: 16
Course Duration:             1 SESSION
Venue:                             ULVERSTONE INFORMATION CENTRE,
Tutor:                               DREW THOMAS

Outline of Course
This introductory and inter-active session will invite you to consider the connection between who you are in your deeper self and what you are doing in the world in a safe and confidential environment.  You will be invited to use listening, reflection and journaling to explore and strengthen your inner–outer connection. The premise is that life works well when that connection is strong.

Please note the word ‘invitation’. Participation in exercises and sharing the outcomes is your choice.

This session is an introduction to a one day retreat to be offered in second semester. The session is based on the work of the Centre for Courage, Renewal (

Items required for Course