Commencement Date:     6TH SEPTEMBER 2017
Day and Time:                  WEDNESDAY 2.00 – 3.00PM
Class Size:                        Min: 6 Max: 9
Course Duration:              6 WEEKS
Venue:                              63 White Hills Road, Penguin T
Tutor:                                JANE BENNETT

Outline of Course
Slow and mindful yoga rests the mind, helping to balance body and mind, build strength and flexibility and let go of old, stuck energy. It can be modified for health considerations. This is soft jointed uncomplicated yoga, with gentle and flowing movements. We focus on breath and movement and will pause in the still points.
We drink water during the session to keep the spine hydrated. Each session ends with a guided relaxation.
It’s helpful but not essential to get down to the floor and back up.

Items required for Course
Comfy clothes for moving
Water bottle
Bring a yoga mat if you have one – others provided