Commencement Date:     15 SEPTEMBER 2017
Day and Time:                  FRIDAY 10.00–11.00am
Class Size:                        MIN:  6   MAX:       10
Course Duration:               6 WEEKS
Venue:                               ULVERSTONE INFORMATION CENTRE
Tutor:                                 BARBARA MEARNS

Outline of course
This course will be beneficial to people with limited mobility, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, MS or those who simply find it difficult to stand for any period of time but want to move and exercise their body.

We will examine breathing techniques, look at posture and alignment and how they affect balance and learn how relaxation of body can give clarity of mind. There will be simple movements learned which can be practised and developed as lifetime habits.

No previous experience required.  Check with your doctor if you have any reason to think you should not be participating