Who do they think they are?

Commencement Date:   2 OCTOBER 2017
Day and Time:                MONDAY 11.00am–1.00pm
Class Size:                      MIN: 1 MAX: 12
Course Duration:            1 SESSION
Venue:                            ULVERSTONE INFORMATION CENTRE
Tutor:                              PHIL THOM

Outline of course
We tend to think of Anglo-Saxons as being half English; Saxon = German + Anglo = English. But the Angles were just as foreign as the Saxons or the Vikings. Much of what we learned at school history lessons turns out to be misleading; we knew for example that Richard I was called lionheart or coeur-de-lion; what we didn’t learn was that he was basically French! And the Romans are remembered for their straight roads and little else. The Vikings, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Romans, Normans, French, and Germans all played a significant part in forming the people of England