Commencement Date:  6 OCTOBER 2017
Day and Time:               FRIDAY 9.30am–12noon
Class Size:                    MIN: 5 MAX: 15
Course Duration:           4 WEEKS
Venue:                           Pier 1, Ulverstone
Tutor:                            GARRY KANE

Outline of Course
This short program aims to introduce philosophy to those who may have no previous experience in the subject or who would like to renew their acquaintance with the subject. While the course is not historical in structure, the works of traditional and more contemporary thinkers will be referred to.

It is important that participants do a little pre-reading of the hand out material prior to each session. This will not be onerous. Among the topics covered will be:
¬ What Philosophy Is
¬ In Search of the Real Thing
¬ Existence – Human or Otherwise
¬ Self and Others – Death
¬ Freedom and It’s Limits

Sounds heavy going but I’m sure we will have some fun along the way!

Items required for course
• Pre-reading of handouts