U3A national online courses on offer

U3A Online is the world-first “virtual” U3A, set up in 1999, in Australia, by a group of dedicated U3A members who were strongly committed to providing online learning, similar to that available in local face-to face U3As, for those who are unable to attend a “real” U3A due to physical, geographical or social isolation.

While we understand that face-to-face U3As are the ideal organisations for most seniors seeking life-long learning opportunities, it is not always possible for everyone to attend one.

U3A Online offers over 60 Courses which can be undertaken either independently or, in some cases, with a Leader.  They are generally 6 to 8 weeks in length and can be accessed online at any time with only basic IT skills being required.  We are regularly adding more Courses which cover areas such as History, World Affairs, Science, Literature, Lifestyle, Writing and more. An individual yearly membership of $30 allows access to any number of these Courses during the year. For further information go to https://www.u3aonline.org.au/home