34,500 Edible plants to try before you die!

Commencement Date:  17th March 2023

Day and Time:  Friday 10am – 12 noon

Class Size:  8 – 20

Course Duration:  2 weeks

Venue:  Week 1: Apex House, 3 Gollan Street, Ulverstone                                                

Week 2: 109 Wilson Street, Burnie

Tutor: Bruce French

Outline of Course:  Week 1: Bruce has spent most of his life compiling information on edible plants of the world, “To empower people with good information on God’s amazing natural resources so that people can feed themselves well”.   The centre currently has the world’s most comprehensive information system (over 34,500 edible species).   The website is www.foodplantsinternational.com .  As well a database, books and posters, can be provided on a flash drive at a cost of $20 for anyone who wants to purchase it.

Week 2: The Right Plant in the Right Place to Save the Planet. Our centre in Burnie has thousands of posters and books as well as revolving slide shows etc and a nice kitchen for morning tea.                     

Course requirements: Nil

Phone: 0419 131 799