A Tour of the Tomato Facility

Commencement Date:  19th April

Day and Time:  Wednesday 1.30 – 2.30pm

Class Size:  6 – 15

Course Duration:  1 week

Venue:  J & A BRANDSEMA Pty Ltd, 8 Brandsema Street, Turners Beach

Tutor: Marcus Brandsema

Outline of Course:  An opportunity to look at our local tomato growing business.   We will be guided through the hot houses, packing sheds and refrigerated area.   Tomatoes will still be on the branches in the hot houses and you will see them growing before those beautiful little cherry tomatoes get picked and packed into those small plastic cartons that end up on supermarket shelves e.g Woolworths, Coles etc.

Course requirements: Wear comfortable flat shoes

Phone: Christine 6424 4113