AGM 2020

  • Chairman’s Report
  • Minutes

U3a Central Coast (Tas) 2020 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Chairperson Report

Way back in February we held a launch event for our 2020 semester 1 program. Our Programs team with the support of our tutors had developed a wide ranging and interesting set of course offerings. Our website was all geared up to take enrolments and memberships. Venues were booked, the year was mapped out, the committee organised and ready to go.  

Something happened!  It’s hard to envisage any annual report from your local U3A to big corporate entities that doesn’t mention Covid 19. We chose to suspend our normal offerings in both semesters this year. The Committee decided that current memberships (as at 30/06/20) now be valid through until the end of 2021. 

We were able to offer members access to 10 online U3A course offerings through U3A Online and in October and November we managed to offer 5 presentations for current members to resume some activity as the situation in Tasmania showed signs of significant improvement. 

Our U3A has been well served and supported by the following people elected last year. 

  • Janene Hodgkinson, Alison McArd, Ian Sansom, Drew Thomas, Lee Hancock (General Committee)
  • Sue Ewing (Program Coordinator)
  • Gaye Aitken (Treasurer)
  • Cheryl Larcombe (Secretary)
  • Ken McKenzie (Public Officer)
  • Bev Jennings (Deputy Chair) 

The committee’s willingness to give time to support our organisation is the main reason we are well positioned for 2021 and it has been a pleasure to work with such a great group of people. Our attention has now turned to 2021. U3A Central Coast (Tas) has been fortunate to have a strong membership, a sound financial base and a rich pool of tutors over the past four years. We are already working on next year’s program. The committee has made a commitment to provide a program for members in semester 1, 2021 and as mentioned have waived membership renewals in light of the impact of Covid 19.  

Most of the current committee have served for four years and a number have expressed their wish to either retire gracefully or step back and take on a different role.  We are looking forward to getting back into a more normal U3A year in 2021 and we hope our organisation to continues to thrive with the support of its members  

Malcolm Wells




Wednesday December 2nd, 2020 at 1.30 p.m.

Gnomon Room, Ulverstone

Present: Bev Jennings, Sue Ewing, Kathleen McMahon, Alison McArd, Malcolm Wells, Gaye Aitken, Ken McKenzie, Cheryl Larcombe, Janene Hodgkinson, Jan Hammersley, June Hope, Geoff McNamara, Howard Smith, Kay Ling, Andrew McMahon, Brian Dowse, Jean Kuns, Rocco Rossi, A Webster  

Apologies: Ross Buckley, Drew Thomas, Jane Bennett, Lee Hancock

Malcolm welcomed members to the AGM.

  1. Chairperson’s Report

Malcolm distributed his report and mentioned a number of key points.  In particular:

  • the significant impact of COVID 19 and the decision to only offer a limited number on-line courses and five face-to-face presentations;  
  • the correct information that indicated that all current members will be financial until the end of 2021 not June 2021 as in the report;
  • the desire for an ‘injection’ of new members to the Committee;
  • that some of the courses cancelled this year will be available in Semester 1 2021. 

Malcolm thanked all individuals that have made a contribution to establish the U3A to this stage.    Malcolm also notified that he will no longer be standing as Chairperson.

Bev passed a motion that the report be accepted.   Seconded Alison.

  • Minutes from 2019 AGM

Kathleen passed a motion that the minutes are accepted.  Seconded Ken

  • Treasurer’s Report, included predicted budget was tabled and distributed

Gaye reported:

  • That the accounts will not be audited this year due to the small amount of outgoings in 2020.   Bank balance as at 23rd November 2020 is $7285.64.
  • Insurance for Committee members and tutors was not paid in full due to the impact of COVID 19. 
  • Venue hire includes a $500 donation to Apex House acknowledging our free use of their facility for courses and office space. 
  • Only one member requested membership to be returned, due to moving out to the area.
  •  That even without new members in 2021 the organization will still be able to meet the expected costs for the year. 

The meeting acknowledged Gaye’s excellent and thorough work.

Kathleen moved that financial report be accepted.  Bev seconded

4. Election of Officers for 2020

Malcolm relinquished the chair and Kathleen McMahon chaired the election of office bearers declaring all positions vacant.

  • Chairperson – vacant
  • Deputy Chairperson – Bev Jennings
  • Treasurer – Gaye Aitken
  • Secretary – acting Cheryl Larcombe
  • Public Officer – Ken McKenzie
  • Program Co-ordinator – Sue Ewing,
  • Publicity and Promotions – Bev Jennings, Malcolm Wells
  • General Committee Members – June Hope, Andrew McMahon, Alison McArd, Kay Ling, Drew Thomas, Lee Hancock
  • 2021 Membership Fees

The fees will be set at $40 for new members in 2021 as per previous years.  Ken moved. Seconded Andrew

  • General Business:

The organization will adopt the rules of the current Constitution – Moved Andrew.  Seconded June

Malcolm thanked Janene for her contribution over the past four years.

Jan Hammersley indicated she is willing to support the Program Team if necessary.

All courses will be at Apex House or the Information Centre where possible.  Private homes will be avoided wherever possible due to lack of insurance cover for home venues.

Sue reported that most courses for Semester 1 are planned and confirmed with tutors.

Meeting closed at 2.10pm

Cheryl Larcombe