AGM 2021

  • Report from the Chair
  • Minutes

U3a Central Coast (Tas) 2021 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Report from the Chair

2020 cast a pall over the world, and although our Tasmanian community was spared the worst impacts of COVID because of stringent measures, these necessary restrictions had an impact on our ability to interact and engage with others.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions, by increasing sanitising arrangements and adhering to social distancing guidelines, U3A Central Coast has managed to present a varied 2021 program which was well-received by members. After our diminished program in 2020, members learned to cherish the small pleasures and have welcomed the learning and socialising opportunities offered in Ulverstone by U3A.

At the end of 2020, we had 91 members, all of whom were offered membership for 2021 because COVID had interrupted their learning program.  Only one person opted out because of leaving the district.  At the end of 2021, we have 130 members with the 90 existing members being joined by 40 new members, a very pleasing development in our history.

One lasting side-effect of COVID restrictions has been our inability to maintain an office presence at Apex House.  We still use this as our mailing address but face-to-face interviews are no longer available for the time being.

U3A makes an annual contribution to the Apex Club to acknowledge its generous support of our program with these comfortable facilities rent-free. Central Coast Council also provides venues at the discounted rate offered to voluntary organisations.

Switch staff manage bookings for the facility but have no obligation to deal with queries about U3A.  I thank them for their patience and good will.

Our program depends on the efforts of our voluntary tutors and our committee:

It is both gratifying and amazing that so many talented people in our community are prepared to share their interests, their passions and their skills free of charge.  Every tutor, without exception, prepares thoroughly for each session and maintains enthusiasm for the duration of multi-session courses.  This is an outstanding contribution to our membership and to our community.  I thank them most sincerely because without them, we would be merely a busy bureaucracy.

In 2021, 42 courses were offered, ranging from single-session presentations to more sustained programs lasting from 4-8 weeks.  Only two courses were cancelled because of low participant numbers.

Our Committee for 2021: Gaye Aitken, Sue Ewing, Lee Hancock, June Hope, Anne Jones, Cheryl Larcombe, Kaye Ling, Alison McArd, Ken McKenzie, Andrew McMahon and Malcolm Wells can take a bow for “carrying on regardless” to present the illusion that it was “business as usual” for U3A despite the challenges.

Thank you to inaugural member Ken McKenzie, who is retiring from the role of Public Officer and from the committee, to Gaye Aitken also an inaugural member, who is retiring as Treasurer “extraordinaire” and from the committee and Cheryl Larcombe, retiring from the role of Secretary after outstanding service, though fortunately, staying on as a committee member.

I would like to acknowledge the willingness of committee members to shoulder additional duties to keep our programs COVID-safe.  They have done this to an exemplary level and participants could be assured that U3A Central Coast venues were safe and hygienic.  One advantage of the new regime was that we offered additional support to tutors with setting up, packing up and attendance checking.  It also afforded the opportunity for committee members to gain an insight into the program overall.

Planning is already underway for 2022.  Sue and Alison have been in touch with potential tutors and have taken on board suggestions from members for new courses.  Watch the website for developments in the new year.

U3A Central Coast is in a healthy position thanks to all of the people who have contributed in the past five years.  It has a strong membership, a sound financial base, a pool of talented tutors and a hard-working, multi-skilled committee.  Thank you for the part you have played in bringing us to this point.  I look forward to the future with confidence.

Bev Jennings,




Meeting – APEX House


Meeting opened at 1.30pm

  • Present – Bev Jennings, June Hope, Sue Ewing, Alison McArd, Andrew McMahon, Gaye Aitken, Ken McKenzie, Malcolm Wells, Kaye Ling, Anne Jones, Kathleen McMahon, Brian Dowse, Christine Piper
  • Apologies – Cheryl Larcombe, Lee Hancock, Jo Dowse, Janene Hodgkinson – moved as correct Malcolm, Seconded Andrew
  • Report from the chair – Read by Bev – moved that report be received Bev, seconded Malcolm
  • Minutes of previous AGM accepted as a true record– moved June, seconded Bev
  • Treasurer’s Report – moved that Treasurer’s Report be received Gaye, Seconded Kaye
    • Gaye noted auditor’s account covers past two years. A copy of Auditor’s report will be uploaded on U3A website.
  • Election of office bearers –
    • Malcolm declared all 2021 committee positions vacant. Nominations were received for all positions and office bearers were duly appointed as follows :-
    • Chair  – Bev Jennings
    • Deputy Chair – Alison McArd
    • Secretary – June Hope
    • Treasurer – Kathleen McMahon
    • Public Officer – Anne Jones

Congratulations were offered to all parties and thanks to outgoing officer bearers.

  • Additional committee members – Cheryl Larcombe, Andrew McMahon, Sue Ewing, Kaye Ling, Malcolm Wells, Christine Piper.
  • Meeting of new Committee of Management at 2pm on 2/12/21. Venue tba.
  • Membership fee – voted to remain as is at $40 pa – moved Gaye, seconded, Anne – resolved.

General Business

  • U3A postal address is currently listed as a Post Office Box which is now redundant. This needs to be changed on official documentation. Anne to action.
  • Discussion re COVID and vaccination status – whether it required a change/statement in the constitution or if U3A Central Coast can/should determine its own policy. It was deemed it should follow a local policy ruling rather than a be the subject of a constitutional alteration. Further research was required and also enquiry to the U3A national body be made. Anne to research and report back at 2/12/21 meeting.  Moved Anne, Seconded Andrew
  • A motion moved by Andrew and seconded by Ken that U3A retain the services of Cameron’s Accounting and Advice for the role Auditor for 2022 was resolved in the affirmative.

Other Business

Committee meeting with observers –

  • Change of signatories to bank account. Andrew moved and Kaye seconded that retiring signatories (Gaye, Ken) be removed and replaced by new officers (Kathleen, Anne). Current signatories (June, Cheryl) would be retained. Notice will be provided to bank and Corporate Affairs.
  • It was noted that the next AGM should include notice of a General Meeting to immediately follow the AGM.

Meeting ended 2.20pm

June Hope Secretary

Independent Audit Report by Camerons

We have audited the financial statements and notes to and forming part of the financial statements of U3A Central Coast Tasmania incorporated for the period 1st October 2019 to 30th September 2021.

Our Audit has been conducted in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards to provide reasonable assurance whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. Our procedures included, examination, on a test basis, of evidence supporting the amounts and other disclosures in the financial statements, and the evaluation of accounting policies and significant accounting estimates.

In common with other organizations of this nature, part of the Incorporation’s income is derived from cash sources, over which there was no system of internal control upon which we could rely for the purposes of our audit and there are no alternative practical procedures which could be adopted to verify the amount of income from those sources.

The audit opinion expressed in this report has been formed on the above basis.

Audit Opinion

In our opinion, except for the effects of such adjustments, if any, as might have been determined to be necessary had the scope of the audit not been restricted as mentioned in the preceding paragraph the financial statements present fairly in accordance with the accounting policies, the financial position of the U3A Central Coast Tasmania incorporated as at the 30th September 2021.