Annual General Meeting 2022

  • Report from the Chair
  • Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report and
  • Statement of Income and Expenditure

U3A Central Coast (Tas) Annual General Meeting 2022

Report from the Chair

We began 2022 with the philosophy of Jack Reacher, paraphrasing Benjamin Disraeli: “Hope for the best; plan for the worst”.

COVID still loomed large in our thinking and it has had a lasting impact on our membership. This year we have 79 members, not one of our better years, and with that has come a resultant decrease in income.

The dedicated committee has kept the show on the road by supervising programs, checking attendance, monitoring COVID protocols and generally providing support to tutors. Their work has been invaluable and I wish to gratefully acknowledge the committee’s role in ensuring the safe operation of U3A Central Coast in 2022.

Our program depends on the efforts of our voluntary tutors. These talented and knowledgeable people volunteer their time to share their interests, their passions and their skills. This year U3A has been able to provide one of the most diverse and interesting programs to date.
43 programs were offered during 2022 with four being cancelled because of tutor illness or unavailability and three because of insufficient enrolees. Attendance at sessions has improved this year and most members have been very thoughtful about informing us in advance of their inability to attend.

2022 has seen presentations on physical, social and mental health. We have been on historical journeys to the pre-historic through the ancient world to Tasmanian history. Our scientific adventures have involved geology and space exploration.

There were virtual journeys to Europe and Cuba. Our outdoor excursions have involved bird walks and a visit to the Rhododendron Gardens. Creativity was nurtured with sessions on poetry, Latin and musical theatre, while members stretched their minds with maths and cryptic crosswords.
It has been a fantastic year for U3A and it’s thanks to our tutors and committee that we have had such a varied and stimulating program.

U3A appreciates the support of the Ulverstone Apex Club which provides the use of Apex House for some of our programs in return for a voluntary annual contribution. Switch manages bookings for the facility but, at present, does not have a regular presence in the building. U3A no longer operates a physical office and has divested itself of some of the office equipment to allow Apex to use the office space.

We have run a number of our programs at other venues to accommodate the Apex Club’s need to realise a return on their significant investment in Apex House. 2022 saw an increase in the rental paid for external premises and this is something for us to consider when deciding on membership fees, participant numbers and sustainability.

Our Committee for 2022 has provided outstanding service: Sue Ewing, June Hope, Anne Jones, Cheryl Larcombe, Kaye Ling, Alison McArd, Andrew McMahon, Kathleen McMahon, and Christine Piper have provided unsurpassed support and commitment.

Thank you to inaugural member Cheryl Larcombe who retired from the committee during the year after serving as Secretary for a number of years. Thank you also to Sue Ewing, another inaugural member of the committee, who began as Program Co-ordinator and then took on the challenging role of managing the U3A website. The committee and I have appreciated Sue’s dedication and commitment over the past six years.

Special mention must be made of the outstanding work done by Alison McArd in co-ordinating programs and tutor engagement; Kathleen McMahon our skilled and conscientious Treasurer; June Hope our efficient Secretary and Anne Jones, our Public Officer who has fulfilled that role so capably and brought an extra touch of hospitality to U3A sessions.

Planning is already underway for 2023. Please contact Alison if you have suggestions for additional tutors and new courses and watch the website for developments in the new year.

I have accepted nomination for the role of Chair for the coming year but want to make it clear that I will be stepping down from that role and from the committee at the end of 2023. Vibrant organisations benefit from new blood and new ideas. I have every confidence that that will happen with U3A.

U3A Central Coast is an integral part of the local community thanks to all of the people who have contributed in the past six years. It has a sound membership, a stable financial base, a pool of talented tutors and a hard-working, multi-skilled committee. Thank you for the part you have played in bringing us to this point.

Bev Jennings,

U3A Central Coast (Tas)

Annual General Meeting


APEX House 17/11/22

Meeting opened at 2.00pm

  • Present – Bev Jennings, June Hope, Sue Ewing, Alison McArd, Andrew McMahon, Malcolm Wells, Kaye Ling, Anne Jones, Kathleen McMahon, Brian Dowse, Christine Piper, Jon Jarvis, Andrew Tyson, Ann Rushton
  • Apologies – Lee Hancock, Jo Dowse, Max Walker
  • Minutes of previous AGM read by June – accepted as a true record– moved Sue, seconded Christine
  • Business Arising from Minutes

Auditor services – it was resolved by the Committee during 2022 that these services are no longer required to be undertaken by U3A due to a legislative change.

No other business. Minutes accepted. Resolved.

  • Chairperson’s Report – Read by Bev – moved that report be received Bev, seconded Alison.  Anne Jones thanked Bev for her impeccable Chairpersonship. Agreed by Committee.
  • Treasurer’s Report –

Kathleen explained line items and that despite lower income from lower membership numbers, it was deemed U3A is in a sound financial position.

Kaye suggested the APEX donation for venue hire be a subset of ‘venue hire’ item.

There was discussion re alteration to membership fee to cover increasing costs. Further discussion continued later in the meeting.

Moved that Treasurer’s Report be received – Kathleen, Seconded Alison

  • Election of office bearers –

Malcolm was appointed Election Officiator after Bev declared all 2022/23 committee positions vacant. Nominations were received for all positions and office bearers were duly appointed as follows:-

  • Chair  – Bev Jennings
  • Deputy Chair – Alison McArd
  • Secretary – June Hope
  • Treasurer – Kathleen McMahon
  • Public Officer – Anne Jones
  • Programs Officer – Alison McArd
  • Website/IT services – Andrew McMahon

Congratulations were offered to all parties and thanks to outgoing officer bearers.

  • Additional committee members – Kaye Ling, Christine Pier, Andrew Tyson and Ann Rushton were duly elected.
  • Membership Fee – resolved to maintain at $40 pa but to re-evaluate at 2023 AGM – moved Alison, seconded, Kathleen – carried.

General Business

  • Membership Form has now been reinstated on the website, following confirmation of the Membership Fee for 2023.

Meeting ended 2.40pm

June Hope


Treasurer’s Report for 2021-2022 U3A Central Coast Tas Inc

I am presenting the Statement of Income and Expenditure for U3A Central Coast Tas for the year 1st October 2021 to 30th September 2022.

U3A Central Coast Tas Inc had an income of $ 3,310.00, and expenses of $ 3,587.60 during the year, showing a loss of $277.60. In addition, $ 22.10 is held in petty cash.

Membership income has been affected by the reduction in member numbers as a result of uncertainty around COVID infections. Many members are now paying by EFT direct to the bank account, but some memberships are paid with cash, mostly at our enrolment days.

Donations comprises the income received from selling the now unused equipment from the U3A office in Apex House because U3A is no longer operating an office.

Expenses for venue hire includes a donation to Apex of $600 for use of this venue for the year, and venues used in the Autumn programme, but not those venues outside of Apex House used in the just finished Spring programme. Invoices for these expenses have been received after 1st October and so will be shown in next year’s accounts.

U3A Central Coast Tas is affiliated with the U3A Network in NSW, the membership fees to which give us access to bulk rates for Public Liability Insurance, Copyright Licences, Website hosting services, and reduced rate access to Association Liability and Voluntary Workers Personal Accident protection.  

Catering covers the cost of the Tutors’ Thank You Morning Tea and refreshments at enrolment days.

Accounting and Compliance covers the cost of the 2019-2021 financial audit ($308) and the Annual Return fee to Consumer, Building and Occupational Services ($68.40).

The other expenses cover running costs – stationery, postage, phone and publicity – The Central Coast Voice.

At Committee meetings Financial Statements and records of transactions are presented. The legislation covering auditing of incorporated bodies mean that we are no longer required to have an audit nor apply for an exemption unless our assets exceed $250,000. With this in mind the current committee decided that an external audit would not be arranged. At any time, members are welcome to ask me about the finances of U3A Central Coast.

Kathleen McMahon

Treasurer U3A Central Coast Tas Inc.

U3A CENTRAL COAST TAS INC                                      

Statement of Income and Expenditure                                           

For the year 1st October 2021 to 30th September 2022                                         


Memberships paid in cash                                         $920.00               

Memberships paid by EFT                                     $2,240.00              

Donations                                                                  $150.00              

Total Income                                                           $3,310.00  


Venue Hire                                                              $1,162.00              

Stationery                                                                   $248.54              

Postage                                                                          $8.80              

Phone                                                                           $70.00              

Publicity                                                                      $500.00             

Insurance                                                                    $698.06             

U3A Network                                                               $283.80             

Catering                                                                      $240.00             

Accounting / Compliance                                            $376.40             

Total Expenditure                                                     $3,587.60

Loss for the year                                                          $277.60


Opening bank balance 1st October 2021                 $5,726.06

Add income                                                               $3,310.00

Deduct expenses                                                      $3,587.60

Closing bank balance 30th September 2022            $5,448.46

Petty Cash balance                                                      $22.10