Annual General Meeting 2023


The U3A Central Coast (TAS) community: Committee, tutors and members, can be justifiably proud of our achievements this year.

We have been delighted with the standard of programs offered thanks to our tutors and Program Co-Ordinator, Alison McArd and the team. Many members have given the equivalent of a standing ovation for a number of presentations, expressing appreciation for their quality and diversity.

Most of our membership and enrolment applications are now lodged electronically, but we have recognized that not everyone is comfortable with this medium and so, we have continued to offer a face-to-face enrolment session at the beginning of each semester. Although our membership numbers have still not reached pre-COVID levels, U3A Central Coast has a strong following of 68 members for 2023. These members have been very engaged with the program with many enrolling in multiple courses. Attendance has been excellent. So we have been happy to accept “quality over quantity” for this year while being mindful of the need to actively recruit new members.

Participant engagement is heartening for our voluntary tutors who have presented a series of outstanding sessions over the autumn and spring programs. People have shown that they want intellectual challenges as well as recreational and fun activities. There have been high enrolments in history topics, astronomy, science, legal issues, IT familiarisation and waste management.
U3A Central Coast sees itself as very much part of the wider community. This year we have worked in partnership with the Central Coast Council, the State Library, local garden businesses and the North West Legal Centre to deliver some of our programs. These activities are mutually beneficial, creating “word-of-mouth” promotion for each organisation. We are currently exploring opportunities to engage with the newly established Blue Gum Child and Community Centre at West Ulverstone for intergenerational activities in the future.

In 2023, U3A once again participated in the West Ulverstone Rotary Club Wellness Expo. Committee members ably led by Alison McArd created an interesting information stall, including a lucky draw for one free membership.

We have an ongoing relationship with The Central Coast Voice which provides space for our editorial content and monthly advertising at a very favourable rate. We thank Lesley and Doug Begg for their generous support.

U3A also acknowledges the generosity of the Apex Club of Ulverstone which provides a well-appointed conference room at Apex House in exchange for a relatively modest donation. Without their support, our program would be severely diminished and far less comfortable for participants.

The dedicated Committee has continued to provide support to tutors by providing supervision for each session. This means that tutors do not have to deal with administrative tasks such as preparing the venue, checking attendance and locking up. Andrew McMahon has also provided orientation programs and technical support for those tutors using Apex House for their presentations.
Participants have been well cared for with refreshments offered at many sessions. They also receive an email reminder just before their course starts thanks to Ann Rushton.

U3A Central Coast has engaged in two videoconferencing sessions with the New South Wales U3A Network, the umbrella organisation for U3A in Australia. They would like us to establish a statewide U3A division to provide a stronger voice for political and funding support. To date, U3A Central Coast (TAS), along with several other Tasmanian U3A groups, has resisted this idea.

Our committee finds that we are challenged at times but content to provide our local program without being diverted by national issues. We have not closed this conversation and there may be a change of policy in the future.

A major task in 2023 was a complete revision of the Constitution. Kathleen McMahon, assisted by Anne Jones, undertook this daunting task. Two drafts were submitted to the Committee for comment and a final draft was presented to a special meeting held on 15 June 2023. The meeting was well-attended by members and a very positive discussion resulted in a final version of the Constitution being approved unanimously. Because the Special Meeting was held so recently, it was deemed unnecessary to include discussion and/or approval of the Constitution at this meeting.

During the past three months, the Committee has considered a succession plan as a result of the foreshadowed retirement of some members, myself included. I am pleased to report that a potential new team has been identified without involving a press gang.

Kathleen McMahon has been an outstanding Treasurer with detailed regular reports. She has also maintained the membership database and provided many well-researched and interesting presentations as a tutor.

I have valued June Hope’s efficiency as Secretary and the good ideas and enthusiasm she brings to the Committee. Anne Jones has been a superb Public Officer with a keen attention to detail.

Thank you to other team members not mentioned elsewhere: Andrew McMahon for IT support and website management; Kaye Ling, Christine Piper and Andrew Tyson.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate that I have been fortunate to work with these people who have operated so co-operatively as a team. There are no medals for individuals in U3A and most of the work goes on behind the scenes. Educational institutions have teams of paid employees to deliver programs such as ours. This team of volunteers has been amazing and achieved so much. It has been a privilege and pleasure to work with them.

Bev Jennings

Annual General Meeting Minutes

APEX House
3 Gollan Street, Ulverstone

Thursday, 23 November, 2023

Meeting opened at 1.30pm

• Present – Bev Jennings, June Hope, Andrew McMahon, Anne Jones, Kathleen McMahon, Christine Piper, Ann Rushton, Karen Macpherson, Helen Macpherson, Jeff McNamara, Greg Slater, Maudie Bryan, Rosalie Duiker, John Mills, Jill Ball, Trina Moule

• Apologies – Max Walker, Alison McArd, Margaret Buckley, Ross Buckley, Peggy Arnold, Russell Waters

• Minutes of previous AGM read by June – accepted as a true record– carried, moved Anne, seconded Kathleen

• Business Arising from Minutes
No other business. Minutes accepted. Resolved.

• Chairperson’s Report – Read by Bev – moved that report be received Bev. Seconded Kathleen McMahon. June and Kathleen thanked Bev for her impeccable Chairpersonship. Agreed by Committee.

• Treasurer’s Report –
Kathleen explained line items and that despite lower income from lower membership numbers, it was deemed U3A is in a sound financial position.
Moved that Treasurer’s Report be received and approved. Kathleen McMahon, Seconded Anne Jones. Carried.

• Election of office bearers –
Bev undertook Election Officiator role after declaring all 2022/23
committee positions vacant as there was no conflict of interest because she was not seeking a role on 2024 Committee. Nominations were received for all positions and office bearers were duly appointed as follows:-
o Chair – Andrew McMahon
o Deputy Chair – Alison McArd
o Secretary – June Hope
o Treasurer – Kathleen McMahon
o Public Officer – Anne Jones
o Programs Officer – Alison McArd assisted by Peggy Arnold (in absentia)
o Website/IT services – Andrew McMahon
o General Committee – Ann Rushton, Kaye Ling, Rosalie Duiker, Karen Macpherson

Congratulations were offered to all parties and thanks to outgoing committee members.

• Membership fee – resolved to maintain at $40 pa. Greg raised issue of risk potential if fees not increased and membership maintained at current low level but Kathleen deemed risk remained low. Kathleen moved $40 pa be retained, seconded, Greg – carried.

General Business

Date for next ordinary meeting – 7 December, 2023 at 2.00pm

Meeting ended 2.14pm

June Hope


U3A members and interested members of the public are warmly invited to the Annual General Meeting and afternoon tea to be held on

Thursday 23 November, 2023 at 1.30 pm

at Apex House, 3 Gollan Street, Ulverstone


  1. Chairperson’s Report
  2. Minutes of 2022 AGM
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Election of Officers for 2023/24 (*):
    – Chair
    – Deputy Chair
    – Secretary
    – Treasurer
    – Public Officer
    – Program Co-ordinator
    – Publicity & Promotion
    – Committee
  5. 2024 Membership Fees
  6. General Business

(*) Note: Nominations close 22 November, 2023 and may be emailed to

Anne Jones

Public Officer