Beginners’ Latin

Commencement Date:    3rd August, 2022

Day and Time:  Wednesday 1-3pm

Class Size:  4 – 8

Course Duration:  12 sessions

Venue:  Penguin Senior Citizens’ Club.  1 Crescent Street, Penguin

Tutor:   Andrew Tyson

Outline of Course:  To all who wish to be reminded of a language they once studied long ago, or want to learn from the very basic beginnings, the Cambridge Latin Course books provide both entertainment & education.  Working with the first Cambridge book (revision 4, because it is free to download & print off), we meet the members and important slaves of a wealthy family in Pompeii.  The stories of the lives of the characters are fictional, but the names are sourced from historical artefacts found in the ruins of that city.  As your vocabulary expands, the stories become more complex and involving, and the text also provides interesting historic and cultural insights into the Roman culture of the time.    

A friendly and open class structure will help all to learn.

Course requirements: The Cambridge Latin Course Book 1.   The tutor can supply this at a cost of $25 or, alternatively, he will give you the website from which you can download it and print it yourself.  The Cambridge Book 1 dictionary can also be downloaded from the web.  Pen and paper also required.

Phone: 0439 038 021