Brief Introduction to the Geology of North West Tasmania

Commencement Date:  20th October

Day and Time:  Thursday 10 – 11.30am

Class Size: 6 – 20

Course Duration:  1 session

Venue: Apex House, 3 Gollan St. Ulverstone

Tutor: John Sheahan

Outline of Course: Geologically, the history of our region on the NW coast is complex, chaotic and wonderful.  The oldest formations date back 1.5 billion years.  Where we now live has drifted between various places on the globe, from north of the equator to near the South Pole. It has been shaped by volcanic eruptions, the disintegration of Gondwana and continental collisions, all of which folded, lifted and stretched the rock formations of ‘Tasmania’.                                  This session will contain a brief description of the events which formed our part of the world and samples of the sorts of rocks that were created.  These are what we can pick up on our walks today.

Course requirements: Nil