“Coasting Ukes ‘n Company” concert for Seniors’ Week

Commencement Date:  21st October

Day and Time:  Friday 10.30 – 11.30am

Class Size:  Open

Event:  1 session

Venue:  Apex House, 3 Gollan Street, Ulverstone

Facilitator: Di McArthur

Outline of Course:  Ukuleles – not just for George Formby fans.    Local seniors, Dave, Pete & Di (aka Coasting Ukes’n Co) love this versatile little 4 stringed instrument and enjoy playing around with different genres of music – rock, pop, blues, traditional, reggae, classical – anything really!  Come and join us for an enriching afternoon.    Bring your uke if you have one as I’m sure there will be an opportunity for a bit of a play along at the end.   And there may be a couple of little surprises for you.

Course requirements: nil

Phone: 0498 422 578