Have I Got a Show for You?   Musical Theatre:  On- and Off-stage

Commencement Date:    27th October

Day and Time:  Thursday 10 – 12 noon

Class Size: Everyone is welcome, and very welcome to contribute and share their views.

Course Duration:  1 session

Venue: Apex House, 3 Gollan St. Ulverstone

Tutor: Sid Sidebottom

Outline of Course:  Musical Theatre is one of the most popular, challenging and unique forms of entertainment shared across the world.  Be it amateur, community or professional, the elements that make up this genre of entertainment challenge, excite and inspire participants – cast and audiences alike.   For me, musical theatre is one of the best exemplars of teamwork, commitment, creativity, resilience, encouraging a diversity of talents and joy.  The journey of making a musical is, like each individual musical, a story about and of life.

Course requirements: Be prepared to talk about musical theatre!   Bring a list of your favourite musicals, any musical programmes you may have, and choose one or two of your favourite songs.

Phone: 0458 311 344