Latin for beginners

Commencement Date:  7th March

Day and Time: Tuesday 12.15 – 2.15pm

Class Size:  4 – 8

Course Duration:  12 weeks

Venue:  Neighbourhood House, 8/10 Lugana Cres, West Ulverstone

Tutor: Andrew Tyson

Outline of Course:  This course is an enjoyable way to learn basic Latin, as covered in the Cambridge Latin Book 1.  The full course includes five books, getting progressively harder and deeper into the language.  Book 1 provides stories about the membership of a Roman family that lived in Pompeii around the time of the eruption.  The family is fictional, but the names are sourced from the actual city of Pompeii.  The text starts off with simple nouns and sentences, gradually developing your vocabulary with more complex stories as you progress.  I will also provide information that will hopefully be helpful in understanding the grammar used in the language, and the basic structures – such as declensions.  I like the class to be relaxed and friendly, where I may lead, but the class members all get to participate and contribute, helping each other to learn.  My background is as a fitter and turner (tradesman), so if I can learn this language, I am sure anyone can.

Course requirements: Cambridge Latin, Book 1, edition 4.  Purchase from tutor, Cost $22.50 for 2nd hand copy in excellent condition.  Notebook and pen.   Bring your lunch with you.

Phone: 0439 038 021