USING LINC ebooks AND emagazines

Commencement Date:                    14 JUNE 2018
Day and Time:                                 THURSDAY 10am–12noon
Class Size:                                       MIN:  4    MAX:  6
Course Duration:                              2 WEEKS
Venue:                                             ULVERSTONE LIBRARY
Tutor:                                               TIM WILSON

Outline of Course
Explore the LINC ebook and emagzine site, download the app and start borrowing! We will show you various aspects of the Overdrive site including how to borrow and return items, search for books and authors, do holds and create wishlists.

There are currently over 17,000 ebooks and emagazines.  They are great for holidays and can be accessed from anywhere around the world where you can connect with wifi.

Items Required for Course
Current LINC Tasmania Card
A smartphone or tablet, password for app store if needed