Living Well with Arthritis

Day and Time:  Friday 10am – 12 noon

Date: 10th March

Class Size:  6 – 20

Course Duration:  1 week

Venue:  Apex House, 3 Gollan Street, Ulverstone

Tutor: Jane Hope

Outline of Course:  One in four Tasmanians lives with at least one chronic condition of their musculoskeletal system, and yet there are many myths and misconceptions about arthritis.

In this session, we will bust some of these, have a look at the parts of the body affected by arthritis and explore the current range of evidence-based management strategies to assist you or someone you love to live well with arthritis.

We will look at the indications for and recommended types of physical activity for function and independence, healthy eating for joint and bone health, who can help, treatment options including complementary therapies, medicines and types of surgery.

Course requirements: nil

Phone: 0492 000 713