Photography for DSLR Users

Commencement date: 28 May 2020

Day and Time: Thursday 10.00 a.m. -12 noon

Class Size: Min 2 Max 20

Course Duration: 1 session

Venue: Apex House, 3 Gollan Street, Ulverstone

Tutor: Paul Brace

Outline of course:  This class is designed to help you expand your understanding of DSLR photography and the equipment you may use to take memorable photos. We will cover settings, including Aperture, Shutter, Auto, and Manual settings. We will also discuss lens options, ISO settings, F stop settings and white balance. Auxiliary equipment such as tripods, flash, remote triggers, filters and software are also great additions to your photography repertoire. The goal will be to help you gear your camera and you for a variety of shooting options. We will work to answer all your questions so we can move your understanding of photography up a level. This course is all about you and your love of photography and facing challenges to enhance the fun.

Course requirements: Pen and notepad; personal camera equipment; list of questions.