The Journey to the Afterlife – the Egyptian Experience

Commencement Date:    2nd September

Day and Time:  Friday 10 – 12 noon

Class Size: 6 – 12

Course Duration: 1 session

Venue: Apex House, 3 Gollan St. Ulverstone

Tutor: Greg Slater

Outline of Course: It is often said that the Egyptians’ culture was obsessed with death.  To the contrary, these ancient people loved life but did accept the inevitability of death and the need to prepare.                                                                    To the general population, the afterlife was just the same as this one only better.  However, Royalty had a slightly different path and destination.  Whilst archaeology is largely silent about the management of the journey to the afterlife for ordinary folk, there is an abundance of material that deals with the middle class’ journey.

The talk will centre on the Scribe, Ani, who will be the central figure and will discuss his preparation for death, the rituals undertaken after his death together with the difficulties involved in his journey.   

To help Ani, a great number of people and gods were involved to effect the transition from his present life to the next.  For the ancient Egyptian, getting there might not be half the fun, but it could be lively.

Course requirements: Nil

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