The late Bronze Age Collapse of civilisations in the Eastern Mediterranean – who and why.

Commencement Date:  21st April

Day and Time:  Friday 2 – 3pm

Class Size:  8 – 20

Course Duration:  1 week

Venue:  Apex House, 3 Gollan Street, Ulverstone

Tutor: Kathleen McMahon

Outline of Course:  “Around 1200BC, in the late Bronze Age, civilisations around the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea suffered upheaval and destruction, for example the Mycenaeans, the Hittites, the civilisations in Canaan and Mesopotamia, and the Egyptians recorded the coming of the ‘sea people’ and suffered a period of instability. These upheavals seem to have been more than just the usual squabbles between neighbours. What was happening?”             

Course requirements: Nil

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