The Pyramids of Egypt

Class Size:  8 – 20

Day and Time:  Thursday 10.30 – 12.30pm

Commencement Date:  13th April

Course Duration:  2 weeks

Venue:  Apex House

Tutor: Greg Slater

Outline of Course:  Any reference to ancient Egypt will immediately bring to mind an image of the pyramids.  Although the largest of these was included in the Seven Wonders of the World, it is less known that there are over 140 of these structures.  The story of pyramid evolution reflects the development of a society that was coherent and sophisticated.                                                     The two presentations will build on the previous presentations of Ancient Egyptian beliefs and practices.  The first will look at development of the pyramid, detailing the sites, their intention, construction and place within Egyptian society.  The lecture will include the precursors of the pyramid to the step pyramid of Saqqara.   The second will deal with the “Golden Age” of pyramid building, discussing the pyramid complex at Giza and moving on to later, but less well known pyramids.   It will cover the end of pyramid construction and what replaced them.          

Course requirements: Nil

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