Semester 1, 2023 Timetable.

Thanks to the generosity of tutor/leaders, we have a comprehensive program and we’re sure that you will find something on the menu to pique your interest.

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Semester 1 2023
CourseTutorContactVenueStart DateLengthTimeNo of People
Latin for BeginnersAndrew Tyson0439038021Neighbour House – 7th March12 weeks12.15 – 2.154-8
Introduction to BridgeCarol Whish-Wilson0407923680Ulverstone Senior Citizens7th March8 weeks1-34-8
A walk in the Tasmanian ArboretumJudith Hughes64272690Tasmanian Arboretum18th April1 week10-11.156-20
Latin RevisionAndrew Tyson0439038021Neighbour House, 9th May4 weeks12.15 – 2.154-8
Visit to the Gawler GardensBob Cherry64244113138-142 Preston Rd Gawler8th March1 week1.30-3pm6-10
A Tour of the Tomato facilityMarcus Brandsema642441138 Brandsema St, Turners Beach19th April1 week1.30-2.306-15
All things Estate PlanningRyan Gilmour64248720Apex House9th March1 week10-12noon6-20
Balance & BonesJane Bennett0415339560Apex House9th March4 weeks2-35-15
Planets, Planets EverywhereMartin GeorgeN/AApex House16th March1 week10-12noon6-20
Misunderstood Road RulesSarah Boylen0414309827Apex House23rd March1 week10-115-20
Ukulele for BeginnersAnne Williams0407614985Ulverstone Football Club6th April4 weeks9-105-15
The Pyramids of EgyptGreg Slater0401946289Apex House13th April2 weeks10.30-12.308-20
The Yack-To Talk Of Many Things,Songs,Singers and StoriesSid Sidebottom0458311344Apex House27th April1 week10.30-12.308-20
Sing-a-Song with UkulelesAnne Williams0407614985Apex House27th April1 week2-3.30open
Central Coast War on WastePresenters0408325080Apex House4th May1 Week10-11.308-20
GeneticsKathleen McMahon64282672Apex House4th May1 week2-38-20
Beau and the HybridsBrendan Murray64304919Apex House11th May1 week10-12noon5-20
Deep Time/Local Aboriginal HistoryBrendan Murray64304919Apex House18th May1 week10 – 12 noon6-20
Living well with ArthritisJane Hope0492000713Apex House10th March1 week10-126-20
Discover PhotographyPaul Brace0474300900Apex House10th March1 week2-45-15
34,500 Edible PlantsBruce French0419131799Apex House17th March1 week10-128-20
Cryptic CrosswordsBrian Dowse64253776Apex House17th March3 weeks2-45-8
34,500 Edible PlantsBruce French0419131799109 Wilson St, Burnie24th March1 week10-128-20
What do you want to know about drugs and alcoholAnn Rushton0419025196Apex House14th April1 week2-46-20
Digital Skills 1-Smart Phones for BeginnerJoe Robinsonjoe@thecreative.techApex House21st April1 week10-12 noon6 -10
The Bronze AgeKathleen McMahon64282672Apex House21st April1 week2-3pm8-20
Digital Skills 2-Managing and Sharing your PhotosJoe Robinsonjoe@thecreative.techApex House28th April1 week10-12noon6 – 10
Digital Skills 3-Identifying and Advoiding ScamsJoe Robinsonjoe@thecreative.techApex House5th May1 week10-12 noon6 – 10
Tasmania in 4 PartsJill BallSMS on 0417123886Apex House5th May4 weeks2-46-20
Digital Skills 4 – On line ShoppingJoe Robinsonjoe@thecreative.techApex House12th May1 week10-12noon6-10
Digital Skills 5 – Keeping your Facebook privateJoe Robinsonjoe@thecreative.techApex House19th May1 week10-12noon6-10
Digital Skills 6 – Managing PasswordsJoe Robinsonjoe@thecreative.techApex House26th May1 week10-12noon6-10