Semester 2, 2019 Timetable.

Thanks to the generosity of tutor/leaders, we have a comprehensive spring program and we’re sure that you will find something on the menu to pique your interest.

Timetable Semester 2
CourseTutorContactVenueStart DateNo. of WeeksTimeNo. of Participants
BALANCE AND BONESJan Hammersley and Jane Bennett0408572014Apex House16/9-7/104 wks2pm-3pm6-20
HOME BREWINGJon Jarvis0448626145Apex House14/101 wk1.30pm-3pm1-10
MATHS IS FUNRoss Buckley0418308750Apex House28/101 wk11-12.30pm1-25
RACT YEARS AHEADJulia Edmunds0438127527Apex House2/91 wk10-11am8-20
CONTINUING FRENCH CONVERSATIONErik Donnachie046763556482 Whitehills Road Penguin2/9-7/106 wks11-16-8
AUSTRALIAN ENGLISH AND SLANGBev Jennings64254250Visitor Information Centre3/91 wk10.30-12pm5-20
WILDERNESS FIRST AIDDave Curtis0499997768Apex House10/91 wk1-4pm1-40
RACT CAR FITJulia Edmunds0438127527Ulverstone Sports Centre10/91 wk10-2pm8-15
FIRST AIDJo Weeks0408253896Heywoods Reserve Ulverstone15/101 wk2-3pm6-20
PADDLE A KAYAK OR SIT-ON TOPMike Holland0439254932Leven River15/10-29/103 wks1.30-2.30pm2-8
ITALIAN FOR TRAVELLERS (Italiano per Viaggiare)Rocco Rossi0407242367Visitor Information Centre3/9-22/108 wks1-3pm4-8
CRUISING TIPS AND TRICKSBrittany Trubody0403911410Apex House11/91 wk5.30-7pm5-15
CRUISING : LIFE ON BOARDBrittany Trubody0403911410Apex House 18/91 wk5.30-7pm5-15
STONEHENGEPhil Thom0423697066Visitor Infomation Centre18/91 wk10.30-12pm8-20
GROW YOUR OWN SALAD GREENSJon Jarvis04486261451 Locket Street Ulverstone25/91 wk10-11.30am1-6
GROW YOUR OWN SALAD GREENSJon Jarvis04486261451 Locket Street Ulverstone16/101 wk1.30-3pm1-6
BUSHWALKING IN THE DIAL & BEYONDGreig Clarke0448371766Apex House2/101 wk2-46-30
CHORAL MUSIC THROUGH THE AGESKathleen McMahon642826723 Burnett Crescent West Ulverstone2/101 wk1.30-3pm2-12
GEORGE FREDERICK HANDELKathleen McMahon642826723 Burnett Crescent West Ulverstone9/101 wk1.30-3pm2-12
HISTORY OF OPERAKathleen McMahon642826723 Burnett Crescent16/101 wk1.30-3pm2-12
IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIMEPhil Thom0423697066Apex House23/101 wk10.30-12pm6-20
IMPROVING YOUR KAYAK-PADDLING TECHNIQUEMike Holland0439254932Leven River16/10-30/103 wks1.30-2.302-8
DOOLEY’S TRACK WALKJan Hammersley0408572014Dooleys Track30/101 wk9am-3pm10-15
INCREDIBLE EDIBLESPrudence and Onno Holling045745847211 Purtons Road North Motton13/111 wk10.30-12.30pm5-30
CANASTA FOR CARD LOVERSViv Perry04090216653/22 Alexandra Rd Ulverstone3/10-31/105 wks1-3pm3-3
BEGINNER UKULELEAnne Williams0407614985Grove House
6 Grove Street Ulverstone
5/9-26/94 wks9-10am5-15
GROWING AND USING HERBSJon Jarvis04486261451 Locket Street Ulverstone12/91 wk10-11.30am1-6
GROWING AND USING HERBSJon Jarvis04486261451 Locket Street Ulverstone26/91 wk1.30-3pm1-6
CLIMATE CHANGE. How bad is it?Tom Kingston0400642999Apex House19/9-3/103 wks10-11am6-26
MINDFULNESS AND BREATHJane Bennett041533956063 White Hills Road Penguin6/9-27/94 wks2-3pm4-9
CRYPTIC CROSSWORDSBrian Dowse64253776Visitor Information Centre6/9-27/94 wks2-4pm4-8
GERMAN: BASIC CONVERSATIONAlison McArd0404867864Visitor Information Centre6/9-11/106 wks10-12noon4-8
ZEN DOODLINGJanice Stanfield0488370511Gawler Gallery6/9-27/94 wks1-3pm3-7
PHILOSOPHY OF EXISTENCE (A Mini-Primer)Gary Kane0438996778Apex House11/10-18/102 wks9-12noon5-15
USING YOUR ANDROID SMARTPHONETim Wilson0438912280Ulverstone Library1/111 wk2-4pm3-7