Tasmania in Four Parts

Commencement Date:  5th May

Day and Time:  Friday 2 – 4pm

Class Size:  6 – 20

Course Duration: 4 weeks 

Venue:  Apex House, 3 Gollan Street, Ulverstone

Tutor: Jill Ball

Outline of Course:  The four parts of Tasmania. North, South, North West and West Coast are distinctly different, centred on the cities of Hobart, Launceston and the towns of the North West and West Coast.  Exploited for pasture, timber and agricultural produce transported by boat through offshore shoals and overland through thick forest and scrub.

We explore the different reasons for settlement to each region where the geography has shaped history and industry. 

The aim of the series is to collect stories and memoirs of participants to stimulate discussion.  If unable to attend a class would appreciate notification to SMS 0417 123 886.          

Course requirements: Participants to bring stories, notepad and pen.

SMS: 0417 123 886