Ukulele for Beginners

Commencement Date:  6th April

Day and Time: Thursday 9 – 10am

Class Size:  5 – 15

Course Duration:  4 weeks

Venue:  Ulverstone Football Club, 1 – 3 Victoria Street Ulverstone

Tutor: Anne Williams

Outline of Course:  The course is designed as an introduction to playing the ukulele, allowing participants to play and sing a variety of simple songs.  Songbooks with chords will be supplied for a small cost of $8.00.  No musical knowledge is required to play the Uke.  We will be teaching some very basic music theory during the course.  There will be an opportunity to join MUGS, a local ukulele group, at the end of the course.           

Course requirements: If you have a ukulele, music stand and tuner, please bring them.  If you do not have these items, please let us know, in advance, so that we can provide them to you.  $8.00 for the music book.

Phone: 0407 614 985